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Who are you?

I go by Aubrey barns, um, artist's name. If people want to like use that it's Aubs. and you gotta put a period at the end, like that's very significant. What Aubs. does is, um, spoken word poetry, Uh, author as well, a producer, a podcast, the who to the underdog podcast and the black thoughts podcast as well. I'm a mentor educator as well when it comes to a teaching, poetry presentation are and I'm just allowing kids to kind of learn like writing and the isms behind writing from a context that they don't get to learn a lot, which is from rap. That's where I learned how to write. How did you decide on the name?

Um, when I was going to school in, Iowa, one of my roommates, we were walking one day, it's a lunch and he's like if you were a rapper, I feel like I would call you Aubs. I'm like, Oh, that's funny. This is like before, I even considered writing or like poetry or music as a thing at all. Like he kind of just joked about it and I was like, Oh, that's funny. Boom, boom, boom bap. Years later, fast forward 2015, 2016 when I really like kind of like decided to do art as a thing, poetry mainly. I thought back to that, like that was just kinda like subconsciously in the back of my head I'm like, yeah, let's go with that Aubs. It's just simple and it's nothing too, too crazy and too out there, it's still connected to who I am as a person. Which again, I mean it's, like the name because I still want people to know that I am still, like there's still connection with who I am as a person an artists, but I'm the period at the end that didn't come until later, I think like months later. And for me it's significant and in a sense that it kind of keeps me centered and humble in the sense of realizing that like what I do as a creative, whether it's as a teacher, whether it's as a performance artist, whether it's as a part like an author. Um, it's, it's very transitory, you know, and that transitory could mean it can be done in a year, it could be five years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now. I also like, the period, it kind of denotes how like what I do as a creative, um, does have like a time limit to it. And, with that said, it's not worth putting my identity and like I shouldn't like be like, Oh, I'm a rapper or a poet or on this or that. And I was like, I'm already, I just happen to do art. I just happened to create, I just happened to do this. And it kind of helps you to not connect my identity to that because that puts people into a whole lot of like identity crisis. What I'm doing now, it has an end to it. So I will kind of hold it with loose hands, but also do what I can while I have it. And thats what matters. The more it's like what comes after the period of, which is why I do. So it was like an educator and teacher, um, nationally, internationally. Um, what I plant then what will come after I'm done thats just what matters. Like what, do I give people, like if I just do this and like period is done and I did it for myself? That's kinda BS to me, but did I create a space for people to create their narrative and after they're done to create a period for somebody else to, create narrative after that. So that's why the period is really important in the name Aubs.

You were explaining your tattoo? I thought that was so beautiful.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Ahava is what it says. It's a Hebrew word. Um, Ahava is how they pronounced it in Jewish tradition. Hava means to love, but it means a love that gives so like whenever they use the word Ahava you see it a lot in like religious texts, whether it be like biblical text, um, Eastern religion texts, they use the word Ahava. Um, as a way of saying like if you love something you give to it. Um, so they never used the word without giving and giving expands, not just superficial giving. It's not just like giving money, giving bread, giving food, water. It's giving like advice, giving tips. I'm giving a word of advice, giving a word of affirmation, that's what they would consider ahava. So for me, I got the tattoo as like a reminder of like, I can't say I love something or love someone without giving to that thing or to that person. So it kind of keeps me in the reminder of that.

Conscious for me it's just like happening in awareness, um, first of self and allow them that awareness expand outward. Conscious for me is like being aware of myself, being aware of like my emotions, my thoughts. The things that moved me, why they moved me. Realizing again, this sense of like, okay well if that person is not conscious I need to make them conscious like NO. Like they are on their journey, they're on their, um, they're at like whatever they're doing is dope in and of itself. And like wherever they go out of their expanding of consciousness, out of the expanding of awareness is just as dope, you know, so, Oh man.

It just depends on the day. Well today I feel like, um, my top five artists Xavi ruse on really good artists to listen to you if you just hit a million streams. Actually I one of is a one single's amazing. Xavi ruse on a GL of sense of Mars. Um, big krit who is not one of my homies. I mean I feel like he's one of my like homies who is my homies know, um, propaganda and poor bill cause we've got a top five.

How is working with conscious crew?

Oh, it's great. Super great. I told, Marty the first time I met them. I listened to the lineup of artists they had and really looking at what they do it just really kind of just parallels with what I value as a creative, which is using creativity to be both dope, like super duper duper duper dope. But also, saying something that's provoking thought somewhere. So the fact that they, honor that in the sense of just like expanding people's thought when it comes to rap, and other music aesthetics, I think that's super duper dope. That's why I've been like, man, I think I want to come to Des Moines a lot more.


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